The daily structure of the program is available here.

Detailed schedules of each symposium and session available here.

The conference program will include:

  • plenary lectures by our invited speakers
  • parallel sessions (general technical sessions and special symposia), featuring keynote, oral and short communications (oral presentations guidelines here)
  • poster sessions (poster guidelines here)
  • a conference dinner on Wednesday, July 19th (not included in the registration, must be booked separately)
  • 5 day-long excursions on Friday, July 21st (not included in the registration, must be booked separately)

Time slots (net presentation time, not including discussion time):

  • Plenary: 40 minutes
  • Keynote in special symposia: 25 minutes
  • Oral in technical session/special symposia: 15 minutes
  • Short communications in technical session/special symposia: 5 minutes

Oral, short and poster presentations have been selected by the conference's organizers from the submitted abstracts, following thorough review by members of the scientific committee.

The general technical sessions will deal with the following topics:

  • Biogeochemical behavior of trace elements (TE) in the environment – from sorption, transport and transformation processes to global cycles
  • Interactions of organisms with TE: from molecular mechanisms to ecological effects
  • (Eco)toxicology of TE: effects of environmental TE contamination on health and ecosystem functions
  • Monitoring, risk assessment and management of TE in the environment
  • Micronutrient deficiencies and biofortification
  • TE radionuclides in the environment