Here are the detailed schedules of each Special Symposium and General Technical Session

Special Symposia

For detailed description of each symposium and its organizers, click here.

Symp 1. Risk assessment and remediation of trace elements in fresh water and marine sediments

Symp 2. Interactions between biochars and trace elements (TEs) in the environment

Symp 3. Antimony in the environment: current research and future perspectives

Symp4. Trace elements analysis of environmental samples with X-rays

Symp 5. Nanomaterials: Applications and impacts

Symp 6. Long-term fate and its control for radioactive cesium and other radionuclides in the agricultural environment

Symp 7. Effects of iron transformations on the biogeochemistry of trace elements

Symp 8. Biogeochemistry of emerging trace elements in aquatic and terrestrial systems

Symp 9. Improving soil biodiversity, functionality and ecosystem services of trace element-contaminated soils under interacting effects of (phyto)management and climate change

Symp 10. Metal hyperaccumulators: extreme trace element biology and its applications

Symp 11. Rethinking waste for nutrient and energy recovery: challenges and opportunities for trace element biogeochemists

General Technical Sessions

Sess1a. Biogeochemical behavior of trace elements (TE) in the environment – from sorption, transport and transformation processes to global cycles- Aquatic
Chairs: Laura Sigg, Moritz Bigalke

Sess1b. Biogeochemical behavior of trace elements (TE) in the environment – from sorption, transport and transformation processes to global cycles- Terrestrial
Chairs: Magdi Selim, John Seaman, Tamer Elbana

Sess2. Interactions of organisms with TE: from molecular mechanisms to ecological effects
Chairs: Giancarlo Renella, Vera Slaveykova, Fang-Jie Zhao

Sess3. TE radionuclides in the environment
Chairs: Ravi Naidu, Laureline Février

Sess4a. Monitoring, risk assessment and management of TE in the environment – Monitoring and risk
Chairs: Mike McLaughlin, Cathérine Keller, Christiane Wermeille

Sess4b. Monitoring, risk assessment and management of TE in the environment – Treatment and management
Chairs: Brett Robinson, Elke Suess

Sess5. (Eco)toxicology of TE: effects of environmental TE contamination on health and ecosystem functions
Chairs: Jurate Kumpiene, Markus Puschenreiter, Marie Pierre Isaure

Sess6. Micronutrient deficiencies and biofortification
Chairs: Diego Moretti, Gary Bañuelos

On Friday, July 21st, we have organized 5 excursions, each featuring a different scientific objective at a different location in Switzerland. Each trip will begin and end at the conference venue (ETH Zurich) and will last the whole day (from 8.30 to approximately 18.30 or 20.00, depending on the trip)

Each excursion must be booked in advance upon registration and its costs are not included in the registration fee. For each trip, a lunch and a snack bag is included in the costs, together with transport, visits and guides.

Click on each excursion title here below to access its description. We recommend to read carefully the descriptions before choosing one.

Each excursion has a limited number of places, which will be assigned on a first comes-first serves basis.




Paolo Demaria

Demaria Event Management, Zurich

Tel. +41 76 443 6408

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The ICOBTE 2017 Conference Dinner will take place on Wednesday, July 19th.

More details (schedule, location) will be posted here.

This event is not included in the registration fee and must be booked additionally upon registration.


Directions from Zurich airport and Zurich main railway station to the ICOBTE2017 venue available here.

Zurich International Airport (ZRH) is served by many daily direct flights from all over the world. Its convenient location allows passengers to reach Zurich city center in 10-15 minutes with one of the very frequent train connections. The station is inside the airport and very well signposted. Just outside the airport, the tram line nr. 10 reaches the conference venue in 30 minutes.

The main railway station (Zurich HB) is not far from the conference venue (15 min on foot, with some uphill walking needed; 5-10 minutes with public transport). Zurich is reached by train (often with a direct and/or high speed connection) from many cities in Europe. As example, a train trip from Paris to Zurich (4.5 hours with the TGV high speed train) may be more convenient (in terms of cost and door to door travel time) than a flight.

If you plan to come by car, please be aware of the following: 1) A tax of 40.- Swiss Francs (valid until 31. January 2018) must be paid to access any Swiss motorway. If you drive to Zurich from North, you would have to pay a 1-year tax for 100-200 Km and it may not be worth it, especially if you do not plan another visit before 31. January 2018; 2) driving into Switzerland from South may involve passing through the Gotthard tunnel, which, in summer, can have heavy traffic and potentially long waiting time, especially on week ends; 3) free long term car parking is NOT available in Zurich (and not all hotels provide free parking for their guests, you should verify with your hotel). The cheapest option for long term parking in public parts of the city costs 15.- Swiss Francs/day (and can be booked online - information on the last page of the directions document).

A 6-day (Sunday to Friday) ticket for the highly developed public transport system of the city is included in the registration fee and will be given to all participants at the registration desk at their arrival.

Participants in need of an entry visa for Switzerland, please read here.

The exact address of ICOBTE2017 conference venue (ETH Zurich main building) is: Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zurich.

Further information on the conference venue here.


Participants will be responsible for reserving their accommodation. The conference organizing committee will not take charge or responsibility for booking accommodation on behalf of ICOBTE2017 participants.

The following map will give you a a reference on the distances to the conference venue (click on the image to download an enlarged version):

- Red = 3 km vicinity of the conference venue (ETH Zurich)
- Green = 15 min walking to the ETH Zurich

Some conveniently located hotels:

- Hotel Sunnehus (3 minutes on foot)
- Leonardo Boutique Hotel Rigihof Zurich (4 minutes by tram #10)
- Hotel Bristol Zürich (4 minutes on foot)
- Hotel Leoneck (5 minutes on foot)
- Hotel Villette City Center - Bellevue (6 minutes by tram #9)
- Hotel Plattenhof (6 minutes on foot)
- Hotel Limmathof (6 minutes on foot)
- Citystudios Central (7 minutes on foot)
- Hotel Florhof (10 minutes on foot)
- Hotel Hottingen (15 minutes on foot)
- Hotel St. Georges (15 minutes by bus #31 and polybahn)
- Ibis Budget Airport (30 minutes by tram #10)

Low cost at short distance:

- City Backpacker Biber (10 minutes on foot)
- Langstars Backpacker (15 minutes by bus #31 and polybahn)
- Youth Hostel Zurich (30 minutes by tram #7 and 5 minutes on foot)
- Guesthause Hunziker (10 minutes on foot + 20 minutes by tram #10) - website only in German!

Please be aware that these are just suggestions based on proximity to the conference venue. The ICOBTE2017 organizers do not have an agreement with any of the above hotels for special conditions for participants, nor can guarantee on the quality or availability of the rooms. However, we recommend to double check and compare rates (for a chosen hotel) both on their website and on the most common online booking portals (there may be offers and better deals).