Landfill site remediation and long-term agricultural systems comparison trial

This excursion is currently sold out.

Departure: ETH Zurich, 8.30

Return: ETH Zurich, ca. 18.30

Lunch break: from ca. 12.30 to 13.30

Number of participants: Maximum 25

Recommendations: Sturdy shoes sun and rain protection. Easy walking. Attention: the morning visit is in Germany, just across the border. Participants who need a visa to enter Switzerland must make sure their visa is valid for the Schengen area as well.

Cost: 100.- Swiss Francs/person (transport, lunch, snack bag, visits, trip guides)

Organizers: Franziska Muñoz  (Roche Corporate Donations & Philanthropy), Holger Büth (Communications Roche) and Roman Grüter (ETH Zurich)

This excursion consists of two parts addressing different topics. In the morning, Roche Corporate Donations & Philanthropy will present the ongoing remediation of the Kesslergrube landfill on the German side of the river Rhine near Basel. A more detailed description of this project is given here.

In the after­noon, we will visit the DOK long-term trial at Therwil south of Basel, jointly run by the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and Agroscope, the Swiss Federal Research Institute for Agriculture. Started in 1978 and using a replicated facto­rial design, the DOK trial is the world’s most significant field trial comparing different conventional and organic cropping systems under the same site conditions side by side. In the excursion, we will in particular address the question how the different management schemes affect zinc and cadmium uptake by wheat.