The ICOBTE2017 local organizing committee wishes to thank all the Authors who submitted a proposal for a special symposium.

Symposia organizers will choose and contact possible keynote speakers for their symposium. If you are a confirmed symposium keynote speaker, please refer to this page to submit the abstract of your keynote lecture.

Here is the list of the 11 accepted symposia (click on the title to download a short description):


Biogeochemistry of emerging trace elements in aquatic and terrestrial systems

Bert-Jan Groenenberg (NL), Montserrat Filella (CH), Andreas Voegelin (CH), Kirk Scheckel (US) and Sebastien Rauch (SE)


Rethinking waste for nutrient and energy recovery: challenges and opportunities for trace element biogeochemists

Ganga Hettiarachchi (US), Kirk Scheckel (US) and Enzo Lombi (AU)


Improving soil biodiversity, functionality and ecosystem services of trace element-contaminated soils under interacting effects of (phyto)management and climate change

Petra Kidd (ES), Michel Mench (FR), Carlos Garbisu (ES), Jurate Kumpiene (SE), Giancarlo Renella (IT), Markus Puschenreiter, (AT), Wolfgang Friesl-Hanl (AT) and Francois Rineau (BE)


Risk assessment and remediation of trace elements in fresh water and marine sediments

Anna Sophia Knox (US) and Jörg Rinklebe (DE)


Nanomaterials: Applications and impacts

Ralf Kaegi (CH), Enzo Lombi (AU), Susana Loureiro (PT), Gregory Lowry (US), Sonia Morais Rodrigues (PT), Géraldine Sarret (FR), Jason Unrine (US) and Frank von der Kammer (AT)


Long-term fate and its control for radioactive cesium and other radionuclides in the agricultural environment

Takuro Shinano (JP) and Atsushi Nakao(JP), Brenda J Howard (UK), Erik Smolders (BE) and Jon Chorover (US)


Trace elements analysis of environmental samples with X-rays

Roberto Terzano (IT), Koen Janssens (BE), Ryan Tappero (US), Melissa Anne Denecke (UK), Gerald Falkenberg (DE), David Paterson (AU), Bradley Miller (US), Armin Gross (DE) and Fang-Jie Zhao(CN)


Metal hyperaccumulators: extreme trace element biology and its applications

Stephan Clemens (DE) and Nathalie Verbruggen (BE)


Effects of iron transformations on the biogeochemistry of trace elements

Andreas Voegelin (CH), Thilo Behrends (NL), Scott Johnston (AU), Jeffrey Catalano (US) and Erik Smolders (BE)


Antimony in the environment: current research and future perspectives

Susan Wilson (AU), Gudny Okkenhaug (NO), Susan Tandy (CH) and Montserrat Filella (CH)


Interactions between biochars and trace elements (TEs) in the environment

Yong Sik Ok (KR), Jörg Rinklebe (DE), Daniel Tsang (HK), Patryk Oleszczuk (PL) and Filip M. G. Tack (BE)